How to Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking Online Course

The 'How to Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking' course covers each individual skill that must be mastered for TOEFL (like pronunciation, intonation, and grammar etc.).


The 'How to Get 26+ on TOEFL Speaking' online course is our ultimate resource - this is the practice material already used by the hundreds of students of our Group Lessons and expensive Private Lessons as complementary study material - and not only has it received great positive feedback, but it is also being updated as we improve and refine our methods of teaching.

The course curriculum covers:

  • TOEFL Speaking Study Plan
  • Self-Evaluations
  • Review of Strengths and Weaknesses
  • TOEFL Speaking Basics
  • Resources to facilitate Immersion
  • Lots of Example Responses
  • Practice material to improve Fluency
  • Tactics
  • Words and Phrases
  • Spoken Grammar
  • Intonation for TOEFL Speaking
  • How to Improve Speaking Speed
  • Master Rules for each Speaking question
  • Pronunciation
  • Final Review - Put Everything Together
  • TOEFL Speaking Practice Questions
  • Examples of Private Lessons

... and much, MUCH more.

The completion of the entire course will require at least two weeks of daily, sustained practice.

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